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paradoxicalinsanity Asked: "Loving air bag? ^_^"



It will be repeat for the rest of the year. That’s how much I love it.

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mz-kyu-deactivated20120919 Asked: "Just wondering what are your thoughts on Tablo signing up to YGE?"


I’m really happy he’s returning to music. After what happened on the whole Stanford mess, I’m in relief that he is planning to return to do what he loves.

I’m a little worried over the fact YG might control what he makes but at the same time I shouldn’t worry because Tablo carries so much talent, they may not suppress his abilities. On the fact I think as well its great of him on having a support system because that what he needs. During the whole controversy, I barely heard Woolim even trying to support him and having a big company like YG, it’s a good thing. He deserves to regain his strength after the chaos, he got his fans who stood for him through all of this, he has his family, his child and wife too on his side (who made this happen) and too, a little thing that will never leave, music.

There is more good outweighing the doubt and I think this is wonderful. I’m glad he is returning to his mic, because he deserves all the greatness and respect he earned and YG should be grateful for having him. With Tablo on YG, he can show the whole world he still have what he got and he can overcome anything. I have a good feeling that everything will turn out ok. :)


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